Top 10: Proven Ways To Improve Your Relationship Posted on 6 Apr 2017

Do you have the idea your relationship is going south? It's perfectly normal and there's something you can do about it! Therefore we give you these 10 items to spice up your relationship! 

10. Solidify your friendship
As an adult, an insecure attachment style is associated with a slew of relationship troubles, including jealousy, obsession, and emotional highs and lows. The good news is that, regardless of your present pattern, you can become more securely attached, or connected, to your partner by developing a deeper friendship. To do that, incrementally spend more time with her doing something you both enjoy!

9. Appreciate each other
This one sounds like it makes total sense, usually you do appreciate the other but you'll also need to show your appreciation and love! Buy her some roses, buy him his favorite drink... Just show that you think about each other!

8. Concentrate on the present to ensure your future
A relationship is nothing more than enjoying each other right now. Forget about the past, forget about the future, focus on the right here, right now!

7. Be open
Don't try and be closed about your desires. Open up, if you're in a longtime committed relationship you should be able to tell your partner everything that comes to mind.

6. Share power
Sharing power means equality, equality means having a good relationship. Think about it, do you really want to be better than your partner?!

5. Find common goals
Common goals are the strongest way to build a relationship, after all if you both want the same how can you not enjoy doing this together?

4. Understand anger
Fights are perfectly normal in any relationship and just part of the deal. However you need to use fights to your advantage, use them to learn how your partner reacts to certain things and how to solve them.

3. Break negative cycles
Negativity never works. Usually in a relationship one side is demanding and the other side withdraws and goes silent. If you feel you're doing this beahviour make sure to step up your game, open up and enjoy each others presence. Buy you other half a gift and surprise him or her!

2. Focus on what's fixable
This one might sound obvious but it's often overlooked. Key thing is to look for the items that can be fixed. Some caracteristic traits just can't be ignored but you can learn how to deal with them.

1. Introduce new things
New things are fun, new things mean that both of you can find and learn something new, this could be just a fun hobby but also sexual wise! Think about a threesome, the swingers lifestyle or try out your kinky side. Anything works!

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