Sex Makes Life Better, Study Says Posted on 8 Mar 2017

We're not quite sure if there's anyone out there who thinks otherwise or why there was even a need for a study but apparently sex makes your life better! 

A recent study conducted by the Oregon State University says that good sex improves your performance at work and gives you an overall boost in productivity. Thank god for this study, otherwise we would have never known! 

The entirely unsurprising results came after researchers surveyed 159 married couples twice a day for two weeks. A majority of study’s subjects reported a “morning positive effect” at work the next day after a night of banging. There was also a correlation between nightly sex and high job satisfaction, low stress levels, and marital satisfaction. This sex stuff sounds like it’s good for you!

This is one of the reasons exists! We truly believe in an open, fresh perspective on relationships where sex is the ultimate way of making you and your significant other happy. 

Want a happy life? Have good sex! 

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