An Idea Was Born Posted on 16 Feb 2017

First of all, let me welcome you to! We're very honored to have you on our site which means you are either a couple looking to spice things up or single and trying to see if this is the lifestyle you have in mind when you think about a relationship. 

We all know that having a relationship can be a tough job. It's a commitment to each other to love and care and it's not something that comes easy. Sure at first everything is easy but after a while you'll have to commit and give yourself a 100% to your significant other to make things work. 

Of course there will be bumps in the road, of course there will fights but in the end true love really matters. 

Ok, so we've got this far, you're in your relationship for quite some time and you have this feeling something is missing. What can you do to spice it up? What can be done to put some fire in your relationship again? 

This is the exact moment lots of relationships go bust! The lack of communication and trust shows there's an issue..... If you're afraid to tell your husband or wife about your desires you're not really in a relationship! 

Now that's the reason we've created this website, a desire to showcase the world that a relationship can be a beautiful thing and that you should be open and free of any stigmas to your partner. Open up, speak freely and get that fire back in your relationship! 

On this website we want to show you that anything is possible! 

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