A Voyeur Story Posted on 14 Mar 2017

Ever had the desire to peep? To watch somebody else? Ever been so curious about somebody else that you want to see more?! 

In this video named "A Voyeur Story", we get to see the lives of a passionate couple who has found true love but also want to keep exploring their sexual desires..... After all true love means nothing more than being together. Sex is only a part of being in love and sex can be something that broadens your horizon! 

We decided to work in this first episode with the all natural beauty Paula Shy and the real-life couple Alexa and Joel Tomas. Working with a real couple shows true passion on film and of course Joel and Alexa didn't complain that they did get to have some fun with Paula! 

This story starts when we see Paula heading down to her AirBnB where she booked a room for a few nights. Little did she know that Alexa and Joel are quite intrigued by Paula's beauty and both of them turn out to have a desire for her. 

At first Paula is the shy type of girl, not sure what she can expect and not sure what she can find in love. She came to this AirBnB after all for some rest, to clear the mind and find what her future has for her! She didn't expect to find Alexa and Tomas having passionate sex on the first night of her stay.... It made her curious about this couple though, why did they keep the door unlocked?!  

After seeing this Paula feels confused, she's not quite sure what to expect..... What's there in life? Are we really nothing more than a spot of dust? Why don't we just enjoy live as much as we can while we're still alive!!

Now fully convinced and completely turned on by what Paula saw she heads to the shower and decides to have some quality time all by herself. 

Little did she know Joel turned out to be watching and after seeing Paula's little show Joel is convinced Paula is open minded enough for some real fun! 

Want to know hos this ends?! Simply sign up now and enjoy all our films! 

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